What makes ScheduleSense the smart choice?

ScheduleSense incorporates over 12 years of experience understanding and addressing the specific facility scheduling needs of educational organizations.


These attributes allow you to schedule smarter, maximize use of your facilities, and generate revenue from facility rentals:

 Single main interface screen

 Access privileges based on login profile - See it

 Single installation can serve multiple departments

 Automatically detects scheduling conflicts - See it

 Integration with work order and building automation systems

 Flexible data structure is configurable to your needs

 Intelligent drill down speeds facility selection - See it

 Optional links to maps, drawings, and floor plans - See it


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 Smart software design streamlines
   facility scheduling
 Short learning curve ensures quick
 Maximizes use of facilities
 Minimizes time required to manage
   facility scheduling



 Adaptable to your needs
 Meets your implementation needs - on-site or hosted

 Start small, grow as needed



 Minimal startup costs, low risk
 Recovers costs of events effectively
 Low cost of ownership, fast ROI

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