ScheduleSense™ Features

Designed to meet the specific needs of education, ScheduleSense makes facility scheduling easier and more cost-effective for schools, colleges and universities, and any other organizations that need to schedule facilities.


Core features

ScheduleSense allows facility managers and administrators to:


Education Manage incoming requests, check facility availability
Facility Automatically detect potential conflicts - See it
Schedule Manage pending and confirmed requests
Software Line up support resources for events - See it
Educational Send email notifications


System access and security

Education Access privileges based on login profile - See it

Facilities Optional external customer access for requests and calendars


Invoicing and cost recovery

Schedule Automatic generation of contracts and invoices

Software Customer specific billing rates
Booking Billing for related resources – custodial, security - See it



School Extensive reporting - facility use by hours or revenue - See it
Facilities Calendaring - public or private - See it



Schedule Space and work order management systems

Software Building automation (HVAC) systems

Software Athletic event management via ScheduleStar



Schedule Web-based or in-house solution

Software Customizable and configurable

Tools Highly scalable


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What Customers Are Saying

Education Facilities Schedule Software

"We selected ScheduleSense because it provides facility scheduling functionality specific to a K-12 school district.


The experience they have working with other school districts was important to us because we realize that the software application alone does not guarantee success in this type of project.


We have also added our Professional Learning Conference Center scheduling to ScheduleSense."


Dr. Peter Blanco

Facilities Rental Office Manager

Aurora Public Schools

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