Customers in Education

ScheduleSense™ is used to manage educational facility scheduling at schools, colleges and universities across the country. And not just to schedule gyms and soccer fields either. The versatility of ScheduleSense makes it useful to:


Facility Rentals  Facility administrators and managers

Athletic Departments Athletic departments

Vehicle fleets managers  Vehicle fleet managers

Security Security and risk management personnel

Maintenance and custodial Maintenance and custodial staff

Auditoriums  Auditorium and arts centers managers


A single ScheduleSense installation can serve the needs of one staff member or dozens, one department or many, one campus or a hundred.

What Customers Are Saying

Education Facility Schedule Software

“After searching for years for a scheduling program, I finally found one that is user friendly for school districts in ScheduleSense.


We have limited support resources, so using ScheduleSense as a hosted solution has made it easy for us to utilize the application.”


OMT Director

School District in Colorado