ScheduleSense™ Facility Scheduling Software

ScheduleSense is facility scheduling software from GraphicVision™, designed to meet the specific scheduling needs within education. At the core of ScheduleSense lies ScheduleFM™, software originally developed in 1998 as part of a large implementation project for Denver Public Schools.


Since then, technology at the heart of ScheduleSense has been successfully implemented at over 500 schools, colleges and universities nationwide to better schedule and maximize the use of facilities and generate revenue.


Find out what makes ScheduleSense the sensible choice in facility scheduling software or request a demo to find out how ScheduleSense can help you get the most out of your facilities.



Link to Facility TreeScheduleSense integrates with FacilityTree, providing access to on-demand work orders. A work order is used to allocate resources, and includes tracking and a history of the work associated with a schedule. This expands on ScheduleSense's core capabilities, adding work order features and benefits seamlessly.


Link to ARCHIBUSFor customers who need to combine facility scheduling with workplace management and work order processing, ScheduleSense integrates with ARCHIBUS.


Link to AwaysisVacationsThe short term residential rental company AwaysisVacations™ utilizes ScheduleFM for their on-line booking and property management web sites.

What Customers Are Saying

School Facility Scheduling Software

“ScheduleSense has provided our district with consistent performance for
more than six years.


They give us excellent support and continue to evolve ScheduleSense as our needs have grown. We are very pleased with
application and the company.”


Director of Community Use

School District in Colorado