College Facility SchedulingScheduleSense™ provides highly responsive, quality support services to its clients. Technical support is included with a monthly software subscription.


If you're new to facility scheduling, we're glad to share our experience in designing revenue-generating facility rental programs to jumpstart yours.



There is typically no setup fee required for hosted solutions. We'll help you define locations, set up customers and contacts, create logins, establish fees or rates for renting facilities, and format calendars.


Setup fees for on-site installations are billed on a case-by-case basis.



On-line training is included for hosted installations. On-site training and custom documentation is available for an additional fee.



Even though educational organizations share common needs, each is unique in their approach. ScheduleSense can be adapted and configured to match your way of doing business, typically for no additional charge.

What Customers Are Saying

College Facilities Scheduler

“Denver Public Schools has used ScheduleSense since 1999.  Our office manages 128 schools and generates over 100,000 schedules a year with ScheduleSense. 


We appreciate the control that ScheduleSense gives us over the system and the flexibility of the application to adapt to our way of doing business.  The support provided is excellent.”


Susan Johns

Community Use Coordinator Denver Public Schools