Facility Scheduling for Colleges and Universities

College Facility SchedulingDesigned to meet the specific needs of education, ScheduleSense™ makes facility scheduling easier and more efficient for colleges and universities, while generating revenue from community use of indoor and outdoor spaces.


Facility managers and administrators across campus can use ScheduleSense to:

College  Manage facility requests

University  Simplify the scheduling process

Facilities  Coordinate resources required for an event

Facility  Notify others - such as security, risk management

Schedule  Efficiently manage heating and cooling needs

Scheduling  Report on facility usage

Software  Perform invoicing, recover event costs and generate revenue


Whether you need to manage dorm rooms or auditoriums, playing fields or sports courts, vehicle fleets or stadium seating, ScheduleSense is the sensible choice in educational facility scheduling.

Flexible and Scalable


ScheduleSense delivers rich, flexible scheduling functions that can be configured to meet specific needs or integrate with existing processes.


Whether you need to schedule classrooms, gyms, tennis courts or playing fields on one campus or a hundred, ScheduleSense scales to meet your needs.


College University Facilities Scheduling Demo

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