Facility Scheduling for Schools

School Facilities Scheduling SoftwareWith ongoing budget challenges, it's more pressing than ever that schools get the most out of their facilities. Designed to meet the unique needs of schools, ScheduleSense™ makes facility scheduling easier and more efficient, while generating revenue at the same time.


School facility managers and administrators use ScheduleSense to:


School  Manage facility requests

Facility  Simplify the scheduling process

Scheduling  Coordinate resources required for an event

Software  Notify others - security, risk management

K-12  Efficiently manage heating and cooling

Schools  Report on facility usage

Public, Private School  Perform invoicing to recover event costs and generate revenue


Whether you need to schedule classrooms, gyms, tennis courts or playing fields at one school or a hundred, ScheduleSense scales to meet your needs.


The flexible, hierachical data structure facilitates the management of multiple locations and campuses using a single system.


ScheduleSense provides for common billing/accounting functions and consistent risk management practices through centralized management of facility scheduling operations district-wide.

Rich scheduling functionality that is easy to use and affordable makes ScheduleSense the sensible choice for educational facility scheduling.

What Customers Say

School Facilities Scheduler

“We selected ScheduleSense because it provides facility scheduling functionality specific to a K-12 school district.


The experience that GraphicVision has working with other school districts is important to us because we realize that the software application alone does not guarantee success in this type of project.”


Dr. Peter Blanco, Facilities Rental Office Manager for Aurora


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